Sometimes I don’t get it

Week 4 #7 I can see how RSS is a real timesaver, once you’ve figured out what sources you want to use, but that can be painful in itself. I set up a Google Reader account, and made Google Reader my home page, so I’ll see those feeds first thing. I mainly hooked up with […]


_DSC0024Bees, originally uploaded by goldhams. Why Rosypaint? I’m a painter, and I love my roses. “Bees” (2007) came in response to news of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has caused the loss of over one quarter of commercial U.S. honeybee hives. In researching bees, I discovered an amazing social arrangement, full of purpose and mystery, not […]

Week 3 #7-Techno appreciation day

Today I appreciated Flickr-a friend visited Turkey in the spring, and posted the 500+ photos of her trip, which I viewed as a slide show. The street scenes, markets, architecture, and landscape (much like North coast of CA), all vibrant and welcoming. I must go. As I write this on a cute laptop, I’m digging […]

Week 3 #6

Flickr FunFlickr Frustration for me. Maybe I’m too old or impatient. I found Flickr interesting, because of the content, and exasperating because of the time it took to figure out how to get around in order to make a librarian trading card. I don’t have that kind of time. Too much random searching going nowhere. […]

Beara Peninsula

Here is a map of the Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Ireland, where my family & I will be spending some time this summer. We plan to hike, swim, bike and kayak as we take in Irish history and atmosphere. I am particularly interested in music, archaeology, landscape, and how people live on the land and […]

evening sun by lolla sig

evening sun, originally uploaded by lolla_sig. Week 3, thing 5 I chose this photo from the overwhelming selection because it captures the time of day, what I imagine to be the sensation of cold descending as the sun sets, and an elemental sense of the world: land, water, air, and fire.

Curriculum connection

Historical character blogsStudents (in pairs) assume the identity and create the blog of a person in a certain period of history. Entries reflect what they learn about that person, with the extra benefit of having to incorporate their knowledge in such a way that they present it from the historical person’s point of view. It’s […]

LLL2.0 so far

WEEK 1 Thing #1 • Read about the 7.5 habits. It made me think about how to get students, especially those in upper elementary, to learn these habits. I see some who already use these in their lives, and others who are beginning to get it, and others who probably apply them to non-school interests. […]

Entering the Sphere

Day one in the blog world. Ambivalent about spending too much time in front of the screen when I could be painting or smelling the roses. But I must find out what the cutting edge is cutting here.