Week 9, Thing 21a

Podcasts! I’ve had a change of mind, now that I’ve found new Yorker podcasts, NYT podcasts, NPR podcasts-everything I can’t hear when I’m at work. You see what kind of a listener I am; I like my audio crisp and folded. Looking forward to Bill, Garrison, Paul, Terry, etc. etc. And I put it on […]

Ants, anyone?

Last week, as I was trying to extract myself from a “donations” call, I noticed a lot of ant activity around the phone. Juice? Cookie? Cheese? Not an errant leftover, it turned out; the ants were busy going in and out of the phone itself! Naturally, as soon as the nest was disturbed, the activity […]

Week 9, thing 21-Podcasts

Podcast.net: I found this frustrating. My searches for specifics in the directory yielded many dead ends. So I stuck to larger topics: Iraq, Bush, storytelling. Since I like storytelling, I stayed there for awhile, but got stuck with the “spinning beach ball of death” while a podcast was either being hunted down or loading-I couldn’t […]