Travels in Sicily – Palermo to Scopello

October 11 Yesterday we spent church hopping, to see the mosaics created by Venetian and Egyptian artists for the Arab-Norman churches in the 12th century. The Venetians created these beautiful  Byzantine-style religious mosaics, while the Egyptians decorated floors, columns, and walls with elaborate geometric patterns, in the Islamic tradition of not rendering anything found in […]

Travels in Sicily-Cefalù & Palermo

October 5-Cefalù The beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea, aquamarine, jouncing and frothing, far out onto the horizon, with small columns of clouds that form over warms waters. Crowds on the beach, multitudes in the streets, we are squeezing our way to our B&B. Some tour groups come toward us, clogging the way, “like sheep” says Larry, and […]

Travels in Sicily- The center

October 1-4 Thursday evening, October 3 I am watching a rainstorm come up the hillside toward Villa Rainò, the pensione where we are staying, in a valley at the base of Gangi. Gangi is the geographic center of Italy, a town grafted onto a rocky peak, altitude 1011m. This makes for gusty lower temperatures, hooray! […]

Travels in Sicily-Modica

Sunday, September 29 Sicily: clogged with churches, so Sunday is full of bells. We did not go, so we don’t know how many Sicilians do. On our way to check out the flea market, though, we saw lots of families in “Sunday best”. Stopped by the 12th century church of San Nicolò Inferiore (a grotto […]