Duck, my duckling

I’ve been reading “Duck” by Randy Cecil to k-3, as part of the California Young Readers Medal program. A carousel duck teaches a real duckling what she can about flying, but realizes she must let the little one go in order to really learn. We do what we can as parents, but usually our ducklings will only learn to fly from others.

Living vicariously through Nina’s adventure in Nicaragua (please, see Nina’s blog at right). Feeling every bump in her road, and relieved that it’s not me. She’s funny, sensitive, and insightful. Such an experience is invaluable: witnessing the world as so many people live it, seeing oneself in that context, appreciating when things go well, struggling with when they don’t, learning who to go to for help (we, as parents apparently don’t quite get it), and knowing when to let go.

Vaya, patita, pero no me olvides.