Art time! Topical Shoes

Topical Shoes

This series began as a ranting fantasy: the ritual destroying of the high heels of a friend whose career-bound feet had caused her no end of pain – a healing by “deheeling”, as it were. As her shoes were not available, thoughts quickly morphed into transforming these icons of female sexual allure and power/powerlessness into expressions of outrage at current and ongoing injustices. Constructing these pieces was empowering and engaging.

If you want more information on these issues, check out the sites below.

Limping Along-US health care

Millions of Americans uninsured; millions more to come. Every major labor contract wrestles with healthcare coverage for workers and retirees. Those of us who are covered spend 31% ($350 billion!) of our health care dollars on redundant administrative costs. Drug and insurance companies hold Congress hostage. It’s pathetic. It’s time for some serious intervention.

For more information on the efforts to bring about a more sane healthcare system, check out the California Physician’s Alliance


With the ongoing construction of 20′ steel barriers along the US/Mexico border, and Minutemen vigilante border patrols, more and more people are taking the treacherous and often fatal trip across the Sonora Desert to reach the U.S.. This experience is detailed in the following article in the National Geographic.


The horror continues. This site was developed by the Chicago law offices of a young woman who signed up to represent a Guantanamo detainee, and found herself confronting a massive wall of injustice.


Two years plus, and the suffering continues. Gradual signs of resurgence. One of these is a community-initiated clinic in the Algiers section of New Orleans, where volunteer medical personnel and community members provide care and build skills. The following site tells more: