Artist’s Statement

Over the twelve years I’ve been exploring drawing and painting, developing my personal imagery, and honing my understanding of formal artistic concepts and techniques, I have learned to trust the push and pull of the creative process: going from a certain vision, to cloudy disequilibrium, following the lead of the painting itself, taking risks, breaking through, and finding resolution. In this way, one de-velops new ways of seeing, beyond the concrete and the precon-ceived, into the possible, and so into the self.

Nature, memory, social issues, dreams, and fears are all my inspirations.I use word lists, collage, photographs and sketches to begin a piece, and work from there. “Lahore by Night” was inspired by the riveting photographs of Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images.

These works emerged from the various themes suggested in classes taught by Bay Area artist and teacher Larry Robinson.His guidance, along with that of my colleagues in the Studio Painting class at U.C. Extension, has been invaluable.

I am deeply grateful to my husband Larry Goldman and my daughter Nina, who have freely given me the space and encouragement to become an artist.