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A day in the kitchen

        Rose Apricot Conserves I found these apricots first at the Monterey Market last Friday. They were  purple-black on the outside, with a slight haze of fuzz that gave them a silvery sheen. Super ripe, so I knew it was cooking time. At 98 cents a pound I could not go wrong. Except […]

Garden at the end of Summer

The end of summer in the garden.  Gone already are the mile-high sunflowers with deep red velvety flowers, the padrone pepper plant, the under-performing haricots verts.  Not pictured: the heroically -producing persian cucumber, and the amazingly-restrained zucchini. But, hooray-the persimmon finally has fruit–six of them, which the squirrels will probabbly enjoy, just as something has […]

Duck, my duckling

I’ve been reading “Duck” by Randy Cecil to k-3, as part of the California Young Readers Medal program. A carousel duck teaches a real duckling what she can about flying, but realizes she must let the little one go in order to really learn. We do what we can as parents, but usually our ducklings […]

Nearly a year later…

OMG so much has happened. 2 days after the opening I broke my left arm at home-still don’t have full extension. Returned to painting, work, and normal life. Nina graduated, then worked on and became a river raft guide on the American River and a trail fixer in the southwest. She’s going adventuring in Nicaragua […]

In the Garden

The last Sunday in November, with temperatures in the 70’s: the primrose path of global warming. The bulbs I bought in August needed planting and the zucchini ripping out. The crocus and sparaxis will be up in no time, despite the “early Spring” and “late Spring” designations on the packages. Nothing is observing the seasons […]

Read the Exquisite Corpse Adventure!

Way fun! An online, serialized story written & illustrated by a number of “Children’s Literature” authors & illustrators, in the style of the Exquisite Corpse parlor game. Whacky, hilarious, arch, utterly ridiculous. So far, 5 installments. At the Library of Congress site-see link on my sidebar.

Ants, anyone?

Last week, as I was trying to extract myself from a “donations” call, I noticed a lot of ant activity around the phone. Juice? Cookie? Cheese? Not an errant leftover, it turned out; the ants were busy going in and out of the phone itself! Naturally, as soon as the nest was disturbed, the activity […]

Week 9, Thing 20- YouTube

YouTube is certainly a place to get lost and have fun, and find lots of creative pieces. In a library setting, YouTube could be used many ways: as a demonstration of Dewey Decimal system illustrations for assignments Downside: how do you keep students from disembarking into YouTubeland?YouTube would probably be blocked in most schools. I […]