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April 2012 Painting Show

This Sunday, I will hang my new show at the Espresso Roma Cafe on Hopkins St. in Berkeley. Works will include this painting (The Path,oil on canvas), some of the paintings in my Spring 2011 post, plus a few new ones. Watch for photos of the show and the paintings.Reception 4/15/12, 3-5pm.

Artwork Spring 2011

Artwork Spring 2011, a set on Flickr. Here are some recent paintings, along with an installation, We walk among Us, made of bottles encased in cheesecloth saturated with gesso and modeling paste, then sanded and in some cases, painted. I plan to show them in large flat trays with colored sand or aquarium gravel, so […]

Art Show Reception

Planning, hanging, and showing my first solo painting show has been a terrific growth experience: a gift to myself, of sorts. I benefited from the advice of my more-experienced painting fellows, my teacher, and my family. Seven paintings in all, from the last year and a half, will hang on the bright yellow walls of […]


_DSC0024Bees, originally uploaded by goldhams. Why Rosypaint? I’m a painter, and I love my roses. “Bees” (2007) came in response to news of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has caused the loss of over one quarter of commercial U.S. honeybee hives. In researching bees, I discovered an amazing social arrangement, full of purpose and mystery, not […]