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CSLA web course Summer 2007

Thing 23-Final Evaluation

Looking back at SLL 2.0, I realize that the process helped me discover new tools and a new understanding of how I work with technology. I am more able to try to solve a problem than I was before, I am less stressed if something doesn’t work at first. I will go back over the […]

Thing 22 ebooks free audio books

13 months later, the night of the CSLA 2008 conference. Made the resolve to finish the School Library Learning 2.0. I discovered Librivox lasat year while fishing for podcasts, and I enjoyed a few Sherlock Holmes stories and some science fiction, but my downloads got out of synch, so I was always missing something. I […]

Week 9, Thing 21a

Podcasts! I’ve had a change of mind, now that I’ve found new Yorker podcasts, NYT podcasts, NPR podcasts-everything I can’t hear when I’m at work. You see what kind of a listener I am; I like my audio crisp and folded. Looking forward to Bill, Garrison, Paul, Terry, etc. etc. And I put it on […]

Week 9, thing 21-Podcasts I found this frustrating. My searches for specifics in the directory yielded many dead ends. So I stuck to larger topics: Iraq, Bush, storytelling. Since I like storytelling, I stayed there for awhile, but got stuck with the “spinning beach ball of death” while a podcast was either being hunted down or loading-I couldn’t […]

Week 8, Thing 19- Library Thing

Well, I don’t think I’ll be cataloging with Library Thing, but I did have fun adding a few titles to my list, and widgetizing them here. I hunted around, then found and joined the 50 Books Group, in an effort to read more of the books I read about, or purchase on a whim and […]

Week 8, Thing 18-Zoho

Played around on Zoho, which was easy to use, and quite fun. Had a blast with colored backgrounds and fonts, but ran into trouble: -tried to see other options like spreadsheet and “Creator” but these took too long to load. -tried to add link to “rotten Tomatoes”, for a movie review of Death at a […]

Week 7, Thing 17 -Wiki posting

Checked out Curriculum Connections-WOW! So many great ideas, and I only checked out Photos & Wikis. I especially liked the range: Librarian-teacher collaboratives, creating a town history, use of trading cards, and so many others. It really is a new format for so much of what already goes on in the school and classroom-this time […]

Week 7, Thing 16-Wikis

Oh goody, time for the wiki-I’ve been waiting like a good girl (foolish me-eat dessert first!).So many different ways people have used it-very instructive. Some are complex (SJCPL Subject Guides), some easy to read and navigate (Princeton PL Booklovers’ Wiki), several helpful ones I posted to to help me in my library instruction, and […]

Week 6, Thing 15-Future Libraries

Both Richard Anderson’s Away from the icebergs, and Michael Stephens’ Into a new world of librarianship serve as reminders that we have to keep current, not only with technology, but how it is being used, so that we can serve our public in the best way possible. Stephens lays out something along the lines of […]

Week 6, Thing 14-Technorati

Experience and thoughts on Technorati: What a relief to have a some way to filter the waters in the blogosphere! My librarian/cataloger self appreciates the provision of some shared tags, a more regulated folksonomy. This will give me better results when searching, and takes some of the guesswork out of assigning tags. Why is this […]

Week 6, Thing

Someone showed me last October but I just didn’t get it. Thanks to the podcast at otter, I see how it could help, if I can access the site from the server at work, which has Bess protecting it. Concept of folksonomy is one I approach with a little skepticism, being one who appreciates […]

Week 5, Thing 12-Rollyo

Using Rollyo: Yesterday, I tried to understand what was happening in Rollyo, but my brain was too full. It seemed like a lot of work, work that I wasn’t going to do right then. Today, I tackled it anew, and found that yes, it was work, but since I had a goal in mind (Habit […]

Week 5, Thing 11 Ning

I joined Classroom 2.0, a Ning for teachers involved in computer teaching. I found an answer to my widget problem. With the proper amount of thought and imagination, it turns out widgets are extremely useful for classroom computer use. In fact, one teacher has been hard at work creating this very useful site, full of […]

Week 5, Thing 11

I chose to investigate widgets, mainly because I wanted to know what in tarnation these things were, and how they could possibly be useful. So I went to and to get a sense of this tool. After an hour plus of noodling around, here’s what I’ve picked up: What’s a widget? Since neither […]