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CSLA web course Summer 2007

Week 6, Thing 14-Technorati

Experience and thoughts on Technorati: What a relief to have a some way to filter the waters in the blogosphere! My librarian/cataloger self appreciates the provision of some shared tags, a more regulated folksonomy. This will give me better results when searching, and takes some of the guesswork out of assigning tags. Why is this […]

Week 6, Thing

Someone showed me last October but I just didn’t get it. Thanks to the podcast at otter, I see how it could help, if I can access the site from the server at work, which has Bess protecting it. Concept of folksonomy is one I approach with a little skepticism, being one who appreciates […]

Week 5, Thing 12-Rollyo

Using Rollyo: Yesterday, I tried to understand what was happening in Rollyo, but my brain was too full. It seemed like a lot of work, work that I wasn’t going to do right then. Today, I tackled it anew, and found that yes, it was work, but since I had a goal in mind (Habit […]

Week 5, Thing 11 Ning

I joined Classroom 2.0, a Ning for teachers involved in computer teaching. I found an answer to my widget problem. With the proper amount of thought and imagination, it turns out widgets are extremely useful for classroom computer use. In fact, one teacher has been hard at work creating this very useful site, full of […]

Week 5, Thing 11

I chose to investigate widgets, mainly because I wanted to know what in tarnation these things were, and how they could possibly be useful. So I went to and to get a sense of this tool. After an hour plus of noodling around, here’s what I’ve picked up: What’s a widget? Since neither […]

Week 5, Things 10-10b

After the self-satisfied dust settled, I got to thinking about the usefulness of these apps with elementary-age children. For instance, how would making a magazine cover digitally be an improvement over the spatial and compositional learning that goes on when one uses a pencil, a ruler, markers or colored pencils, scissors, and one’s eyes? Not […]

Week 5, Thing 10: My magazine cover

My magazine, originally uploaded by goldhams. Well, this was great fun. I am not considering a career switch to graphic layout, however, as my aesthetic is way antique. Uh, make that Classic. Plus factors: basic layout provided, font sizes, colors. controllable experimentation, easy to edit. Minus: I didn’t discover any, other than I could see […]

Sometimes I don’t get it

Week 4 #7 I can see how RSS is a real timesaver, once you’ve figured out what sources you want to use, but that can be painful in itself. I set up a Google Reader account, and made Google Reader my home page, so I’ll see those feeds first thing. I mainly hooked up with […]