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The Artist’s Ramble

Who has not been enthralled by textures and surfaces? From an airplane window, we marvel at the dendritic patterns of streams and rivers forming wrinkled hills, great alluvial fans streaming from mountain into desert, the rolling rhythm of basin and range, and the strange black mass rising from the ochre-and calcium-rich wastelands somewhere in the arid […]

Artist’s Statement Wordle

Another wordle, this time my artist’s statement, so much easier than writing several paragraphs. Just hung the show, which took lots longer than planned, but looks great.

Artist’s Statement

Over the twelve years I’ve been exploring drawing and painting, developing my personal imagery, and honing my understanding of formal artistic concepts and techniques, I have learned to trust the push and pull of the creative process: going from a certain vision, to cloudy disequilibrium, following the lead of the painting itself, taking risks, breaking […]