LLL2.0 so far


Thing #1 • Read about the 7.5 habits. It made me think about how to get students, especially those in upper elementary, to learn these habits. I see some who already use these in their lives, and others who are beginning to get it, and others who probably apply them to non-school interests.

Thing #2 • Making the contract was very useful; I plan to introduce this to my upper grade students as well.


Thing #3
Created the blog. Simple to do, comes with attractive formats. Didn’t have time to create my avatar (had to go paint). Will keep out of the sun this pm getting sucked into the avatar world.

Blog officially registered with CSLA -that was easy. Thanks for the immediate response and encouragement.

Just spent a half-hour exploring Blogger help, which answered some questions I had about these little boxes on the composing page. So many options to learn about. I get impatient and frustrated because I spent time on this instead of my avatar, and it didn’t feel like “Play”.

Hmm…can’t get a sense of how to create my avatar. Blogger Help doesn’t. WAAAy too much time wasted on this. Any good sites for middle-aged avatars, or are they all perpetually youthful and fashionable?