Sometimes I don’t get it

Week 4 #7

I can see how RSS is a real timesaver, once you’ve figured out what sources you want to use, but that can be painful in itself. I set up a Google Reader account, and made Google Reader my home page, so I’ll see those feeds first thing. I mainly hooked up with news sources of the traditional type. I really don’t get Feedster, Topix, Syndic8; I was distracted and confused trying to find my way around. It was a virtual mall experience: lots to look at, most of it unappealing. These are the aspects of the Internet I dislike.

I did find a whimsically-written straightforward blog on a trip to Ireland, when I went looking for “Irish ice cream” on Technorati. I’ll compare notes when I get there. Also learned how to make Flickr an integral part of the blog.

The temperature in Dublin ranges between 10-15 degrees Celsius this time of year, that is to say the Farenheit 50’s, as in Bay Area late winter. Sandals are out of the suitcase.

Enough exercises, time for some fun!