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13 months later, the night of the CSLA 2008 conference. Made the resolve to finish the School Library Learning 2.0.

I discovered Librivox lasat year while fishing for podcasts, and I enjoyed a few Sherlock Holmes stories and some science fiction, but my downloads got out of synch, so I was always missing something. I wasn’t interested in many of their titles.

Looking at the Gutenberg Project site: I like the Book Shelf page, where you get to browse the collection by subject. This is easier for me that searching by title or author; alot of the collection is obscure. Browsing by subject is like stumbling into a bookstore full of used and antique titles. I tried downloading something and it arrived as a one line of legible type, followed by a a couple of lines of symbols and slashes. Then I discovered the explanation of downloading terms, which helped, especially since I have a mac, and the best format to download is HTML compressed. Now I have two books, one a treatise on the Cacoa tree, the other Flowers of the farm, with a file of illustrations, which I’m sure to get to one of these days.

In the World eBook Fair, I see the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts, and I recognize many more authors and titles. I’ve always thought I should read Machiavelli’s The Prince. Maybe now I will, whenever the d#@* thing loads. Oops! I have to join first, at $8.95 a year. Not bad, but the Public Library is three blocks from my house. Now, I could see that ebooks would be useful if others were not so fortunate.

Took a peek at the British Library, and didn’t want to spend the time downloading the plug-in I’d need to look at the titles.