Week 3 #7-Techno appreciation day

Today I appreciated Flickr-a friend visited Turkey in the spring, and posted the 500+ photos of her trip, which I viewed as a slide show. The street scenes, markets, architecture, and landscape (much like North coast of CA), all vibrant and welcoming. I must go.

As I write this on a cute laptop, I’m digging Manu Chao on Itunes, a definite plus. Laptop is great for watching DVDs on the stationary bike (had to download an audio booster, a process that took less than two minutes). Considering a subscripion to the NYT, to read at the breakfast table, while my family searches in the rubble of the Chron for something that’s not an ad.

Technology makes my work life easier, too: copy cataloging, assembling websites for research, curriculum and collection development, and not least the reading lists all of you compile that I can link to “my” library site. I get used to having things go quickly, that I’m caught up short by glitches-argh!