Week 5, Thing 11 Ning

I joined Classroom 2.0, a Ning for teachers involved in computer teaching. I found an answer to my widget problem. With the proper amount of thought and imagination, it turns out widgets are extremely useful for classroom computer use. In fact, one teacher has been hard at work creating this very useful site, full of content-oriented widgets: http://widgets.bestmoodle.net/.

Students/teachers could use these widgets – images and text – to augment web pages on a variety of subjects. This info is for sharing. So the learning is about how to transfer data, not necessarily creating original prose. Hmm, I’m such a traditionalist. It seems an accompanying discussion on plagiarism vs. sharing is definitely in order.

Now I’ve another place to check in on, log into, and spend hours browsing. What a Russian stacking doll (Pandora’s box?) this Web 2.0 stuff is!

Good bye for now!