Week 6, Thing 13-Del.icio.us

Someone showed me del.icio.us last October but I just didn’t get it. Thanks to the podcast at otter, I see how it could help, if I can access the site from the server at work, which has Bess protecting it.

Concept of folksonomy is one I approach with a little skepticism, being one who appreciates the elegance of taxonomies. I did appreciate the popular tags list, which will assist me in streamlining my posts. I really like to see who else has selected the same sites, their notes, and what else they have going. Put one person on my network.

Once again, I’ve added another long hall in my 2.0 castle (Hogwarts?), and I wonder how often I will get to visit.

I’m going to order myself a cyber-space astronaut’s suit, just to be safe.