Week 6, Thing 14-Technorati

Experience and thoughts on Technorati:

What a relief to have a some way to filter the waters in the blogosphere! My librarian/cataloger self appreciates the provision of some shared tags, a more regulated folksonomy. This will give me better results when searching, and takes some of the guesswork out of assigning tags.

Why is this important?

Since all the Web 2.0 stuff is being created because so many people are web-based, and the internet has such potential for global communication, it is important that a shared language is developed that allows us to facilitate that communication. The tags aren’t as strict as, say, LC Subject Headings (thank goodness); however, they provide some commonality.

I also registered my blog with Technorati, out of vanity, I guess. Pretty instant karma: rosypaint has a 6-digit ranking.

Now, where is that application/widget/blog/wiki that monitors “blog rise”: how fast a blog rises in standings?