Week 7, Thing 16-Wikis

Oh goody, time for the wiki-I’ve been waiting like a good girl (foolish me-eat dessert first!).

So many different ways people have used it-very instructive. Some are complex (SJCPL Subject Guides), some easy to read and navigate (Princeton PL Booklovers’ Wiki), several helpful ones I posted to Del.icio.us to help me in my library instruction, and as models for possible wikis.

In a word: COMMUNICATION ! So Cool.

I got a clear picture of how wikis facilitate communication and community. On the Albany City Library Staff wiki, people working in different departments can see what others are doing and thinking. On one Washington county wiki, you can see the potential for “people’s history”, and local input.

I appreciated that these were written clearly and with a serious intent.


Now to try wiki-ing. Wiking?