Week 9, Thing 20- YouTube

YouTube is certainly a place to get lost and have fun, and find lots of creative pieces.

In a library setting, YouTube could be used many ways:

  • as a demonstration of Dewey Decimal system
  • illustrations for assignments

Downside: how do you keep students from disembarking into YouTubeland?
YouTube would probably be blocked in most schools.

I had some technical difficulty getting this to work correctly; when I had the YouTube screen next to the posting, only half a screen displayed, so I moved it to the bottom of the page.

I chose the following videos:

The song, composed and sung by a friend, who is beautiful and funny, soulful and searching. I wish her the best. I really like the softness of the images, the pacing, the lilting tune, and the overall message of self-love and self-knowing.

Emo Girl is painfully hilarious. Needs some self-love. We love you, Emo Girl!